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We have been devoted exclusively to the practice of U.S. Immigration and Nationality law for nearly 40 years. Our Los Angeles Immigration Lawyers and our San Francisco Immigration Lawyers are Certified Legal Specialists that are dedicated to assisting individuals in everything ranging from green cards to deportation and from visas to United States citizenship. Our Los Angeles Immigration Law Office and our San Francisco Immigration Law Office also represent businesses with PERM Labor Certifications and H-1Bs and work visas and all other forms of employment immigration. We also have an immigration law office in the United States in Las Vegas and international offices in the Philippines and China. Our attorneys are experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable in all areas of immigration. Contact us today to find a good immigration lawyer in Los Angeles, CA!

Client Testimonials

  • Dear Attorney Devin Connolly and Roberto: I finally received my green card. I cannot describe how happy I am! I would like to sincerely thank you both for the great support and assistance you provided me through the years. It was not an easy journey . . . sometimes I thought about giving up. But you both made it happen because of all of your efforts, patience, and the professional way you handled my case. Thank you to Roberto for your patience and always being able to instantly answer my questions. Lastly, a very special thank you to Attorney Connolly. I never doubted you when you said you would do everything you could and that “we would win this case.” I trusted you 100% and that kept my hope alive. Thank you so much!

    L.T., Bellflower, CA, 5/18/18 more

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