By Attorney Robert L. Reeves and Flomy Javier Diza

The internet has changed our way of life-from the way we shop to the way we find our true love. People browse websites for social networking, online dating, chatting, and virtual or video dating in the hope of finding their soul mate. Finding true love on the world wide web has become a way of life. However, bringing your loved one to the United States may be a more complex task.
A Fiancé/e visa or K-1 visa is the fastest way to bring a fiancé/e to the United States, usually within 6 months. But if it’s not done right, it can be delayed for years. The requirements are that the United States petitioner & fiancé/e have actually met within the past 2 years, that they both have the capacity to marry, an absence of certain criminal convictions and the bona fide intention to marry within 90 days. The legal requirements appear simple enough, but because of the high incidents of fraud, K-1 visas are closely scrutinized at two different levels. First, at the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), and secondly at the US Embassy where the K Visa will be issued.

The problem areas include age and cultural differences, multiple marriages,  financial inability, criminal convictions, issues that may arise during medical examination, insufficient proof of the relationship, and most commonly, a failure to properly document the application both at the USCIS level and the U.S. embassy.

At Reeves and Associates, attorneys spend all the time necessary to qualify the petitioner and beneficiary for the K-visa. This is done in-person, by televideo or by telephonic consultations. Attorneys and staff personally meet with each and every clients. Both attorney and support staff work closely with the petitioner and fiancé/e before filing the application with the USCIS office. Once the fiancé/e visa petition is approved, the file is forwarded to the Embassy where the fiancé/e resides.

The attorney and staff at Reeves and Associates will prepare additional documents to be presented at the embassy. In addition, for clients from the Philippines, the assigned attorney will meet with the fiancé in the Philippines through the firm’s audio/televideo conferencing hook-up for their K-visa interview preparation. Attorneys see the fiancé/e in a widescreen High Definition T.V. and the fiancé/e will also see the attorney the same way in a face-to-face meeting. For other clients residing in other countries, attorneys do the preparation over the phone. It is very important how the fiancé/e will present himself or herself at the embassy and be able to answer the questions asked by an embassy officer. With a good presentation of documents and preparation for the interview, applicants will be assured of success in obtaining their fiancée visa.

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