Do You Feel All Alone With Your Legal Problems?

A sign in my office states this simple proposition. The problems encountered within the realm of immigration law often can be very lonely and tiresome ones that hang over immigrants like a dark cloud that never goes away. But you can do something about it.

Today, in California, anti-immigrant, anti-foreigner sentiment has been growing. At all levels of people, from skinheads to U.S. Senators, there are people who have been using immigrants and immigration as a rallying call for their own political agendas. Stricter immigration laws are coming, so now is the time to act. If you are out of status, protect yourself from becoming too comfortable with your present situation.

Depending upon your particular situation, there are many options that may be explored. If you are working for an employer who is willing to sponsor you, an employment-based petition may be the way to legal status. If you have immediate family in the U.S., a family-based petition is available. If you have been in the country over seven years, you may be a candidate for a suspension of deportation.

If you already have a visa available for you, you may apply for an adjustment of status. And even if you do not have any of these, you can seek out a job in which the employer is willing to help you or you can wait until you become eligible for suspension of deportation.

Political statements, like Proposition 187, have very effectively lured people into placing a misguided blame on immigrant populations for many things–a depressed economy, mismanaged funds within our government and even, violence in our communities. But another side to immigration exists. Perhaps someone came to the United States on a tourist or student visa and who never left because they loved the country so much. Maybe he or she is just waiting for a priority date to become current. Or maybe awaiting the Department of Labor’s findings from an employment based petition. And maybe he or she is working, making a decent living for him/herself. These are people who are striving to help themselves.

But maybe he or she is doing nothing to work out his/her situation and just hoping for the best. They think, “Maybe someday, something will happen so that I no longer have to worry about it.” They presume that it’s just a “little” legal problem, just a small concern in the back on their minds. Act now, resolve your problem and get rid of that cloud forever.

The first step is to find a good attorney who will discuss your particular options with you. After settling your problems, then you will be free to do what you want to do. You can achieve whatever opportunities you wish to pursue. The United States was created and made great by its immigrant populations. Many people today seem to have forgotten this fact.

Today, many are using the immigration laws to promote their political agendas. They should look to the good side of immigration. The immigration laws were originally designed to promote good policies–to reunite families and bring good, productive persons into our country. I still believe in these policies for our country.