R Reeves & Associates has long recognized its clients’ need for up to date information on the status of their cases. To better serve this need, Reeves & Associates implemented an exclusive 24-hours-a-day Client Information System that allows clients to monitor their case status online. Now our clients can access their information from anywhere in the world that has internet access at anytime. If you are in Beijing or Manila, New York or San Francisco, quick and secure internet access can provide you with up to the minute status of your immigration case.

Our firm prides itself in being sensitive to its clients’ needs. The firm is devoted to meeting and speaking with clients during regular office hours. Reeves & Associates wants to provide the best possible service to its clients including providing them with cases status information whenever clients desires it. When attorneys, and paralegals are unavailable, our exclusive Client Information System provides up-to-date case information on a 24-hours-a-day basis without any privacy concerns for clients and human resource departments.

Client confidentiality is a fundamental principal of Reeves & Associates. To protect this confidentiality, the Client Information System is secured by a sophisticated banking-level-security system. Internet security is a concern since most internet data is transferred unencrypted. To protect the privacy of our clients, we provide them with encrypted passwords and usernames providing an extremely high level of security.

Once Reeves & Associates is retained, a secure user name and password is issued to the client. This will allow the client to access the following information:

* Case steps and details concerning what has been done.
* Steps remaining for each particular matter.
* Deadlines for work that needs to be completed.

For companies sponsoring several employees, the Client Information System also has additional features to allow human resource personnel to initiate new cases online through an intuitive menu driven interface. HR personnel can also check the status of individuals in progress. This allows for significantly faster processing times and the ability to update global information.

We keep our client informed 24-7. Visit our website at rreeves.com for further information, or just call 1-800-795-8009.