Look For These Qualities In An Immigration Lawyer

immigration law

immigration law

In 2016, Mexicans accounted for approximately 26% of immigrants in the United States, making them by far the largest foreign-born group in the country. But regardless of your ethnicity or immigration status, it’s essential to choose the right immigration law firm if you’ve chosen to enlist the help of a lawyer. That being said, there are many qualities you can look for that reflect an overall superior lawyer or immigration law firm. With that in mind, here are just a few qualities to prioritize when looking for an immigration lawyer to represent you and help navigate your case.


It should come as no surprise that experience is a top priority when evaluating immigration lawyer quality. While the other qualities listed here are still relevant, the number of years a lawyer has been in business is among the top indicators of their overall knowledgeability and quality as a lawyer to represent your case.


It’s also helpful for an immigration lawyer to provide you with references to show their history of satisfied clients. You can look for reviews of the law firm online or simply ask the lawyers themselves for a small list of references you may be able to call to gain some insight about how they were to work with. This is a sign of a top-tier immigration lawyer.


Communication is vital in any type of legal representation, but it’s particularly essential for many immigration law clients who may not speak English as a first language. In these cases, it’s up to the law firm to determine how to proceed, but they need to maintain proper and efficient communication in order to keep gaining an influx of satisfied clients.

Inherent Compassion

Finally, look for a lawyer’s inherent sense of compassion for those they help. This is usually indicated in subtle ways, but it shows that your lawyer is willing to go above and beyond to fight for your case.

The number of foreign-born individuals in the U.S. population has more than quadrupled since 1965 and is expected to reach 78 million by 2065. Knowing how to select the right immigration attorney can be the key to a successful case. For more information about immigration lawyers in Pasadena, contact Reeves Miller.