New DACA Information Is Available

It is now official – the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service is accepting DACA applications once again.  The USCIS made this announcement on Saturday night in response to a recent decision issued by a federal court.  Are you eligible for DACA? Continue reading to find out.

Applicants Must Have Previously Been Granted DACA: The USCIS stated that they will only approve applications from people who have previously been granted DACA.  It does not matter when your prior grant of DACA expired, or even if it was terminated.

Initial DACA requests Not Accepted: The USCIS will not approve applications for undocumented immigrants who have not previously been granted DACA.

Advanced Parole:  The USCIS will not issue Advance Parole to DACA beneficiaries if they want to temporarily leave the U.S

URGENT: The attorneys and staff of RMZD understand that now is a very scary time to be an undocumented immigrant.  But you are NOT alone! We are here to help.  Please be sure to contact us right away if you think that DACA can be beneficial to you.