Reeves and Associates’ 2006 Achievements

Reeves and Associates joins our clients in celebrating our many achievements this year. In 2006, as in so many years past, R&A ensured that clients were reunited with their families, that their dreams of coming to the United States were fulfilled, and that their fears of deportation were put to rest. As this year comes to an end, the Reeves family is filled with gratitude for the opportunity to help so many immigrants enrich this great nation and better their lives. We share with you just a few of our clients’ successes in 2006.

After being separated from his siblings and parents for more than twenty years, a father of three was finally reunited with his family in the U.S. after R&A intervened and won his immigration case. He is now lives in California where is able to assist his brothers and sisters in caring for their ailing mother.

Having been falsely accused of entering into a fraudulent marriage, a legal permanent resident was exonerated of these charges after R&A attorneys forced his case into court and prevailed. His legal status was reaffirmed, and he is now becoming a U.S. citizen. He is also in the process of bringing his children to this country so that he may afford them a better life.

Two foreign nationals, husband and wife, first came to the United States in the late 1970’s. An immigration official initially determined that the wife could not legalize her status because they did not believe that she had lived in the U.S. for over twenty-five years, even though she gave birth to a U.S. citizen child in the 1970’s and then raised her child in this country. An R&A attorney intervened and won her case. After a twenty-year agonizing effort to legalize their status, they both became legal permanent residents this year.

A wife of a U.S. citizen and mother of U.S. citizen children was forced by her family to enter the United States under an assumed name years ago. Despite the Government’s persistent efforts to deport her, R&A presented strong evidence in court and won her case before an immigration judge. Her status was finally legalized, thus ending the emotional stress suffered by her family for the past several years.

USCIS determined that another client could not obtain his green card because he entered using another name nearly twenty years ago. R&A attorneys presented evidence demonstrating that he has worked hard for the same U.S. company for over a decade, that he supports his elderly parents, and that he is the primary caretaker of his sister’s three U.S. citizen children. R&A won the case, and his green card arrived just before the holidays.

A husband and wife, the parents of two U.S. citizen children, were permitted to remain in the U.S. after R&A attorneys presented evidence to an immigration judge which demonstrated that these parents were more likely than not to suffer persecution were they to be deported to Indonesia with their children. R&A included evidence of the physical and emotional persecution suffered by these clients prior to their arrival in the U.S. R&A won their case and helped ensure the future safety of this family.

Following the untimely death of a foreign national’s father, who had petitioned his son so that he could acquire legal status in the U.S., the Government revoked the father’s visa petition, thus ending his son’s dreams of becoming legal. After presenting evidence that the visa petition should be reinstated for humanitarian reasons, R&A won his case, and his green card application was approved.

The Government is attempting to deport the wife of a U.S. Army serviceman who may be deployed to Iraq in the coming weeks. R&A attorneys prevailed in their efforts to have his naturalization application expedited. He became a U.S. citizen this fall, and he is now helping his wife to legalize her status so that she will not be deported in his absence.

A foreign national, whose employment-based adjustment of status application was delayed for more than one year at the USCIS, was granted permanent resident status within 30 days after R&A filed a complaint for a writ of mandamus with a U.S. District Court. This is one of many R&A achievements in federal district courts this year.

Following the untimely death of his United States citizen petitioner and parent, it appeared that an undocumented immigrant’s opportunity to become a green card holder was over, despite the fact that he had waited years to become eligible to apply. After R&A attorneys asserted that his case should be reinstated for humanitarian reasons, his status was legalized within twenty-four hours.

An asylee – one who is granted political asylum and refuge in the U.S. – was finally reunited with her daughter and husband following a five-year separation after R&A won her family’s case before a U.S. consulate. Her family members received waivers of inadmissibility and U.S. visas.

After discovering that an R&A client misrepresented his Social Security number, out of desperation to obtain a job, the Government initiated immigration proceedings against our client, arguing that he should be forced to leave the U.S. even though he was married to a U.S. citizen. R&A successfully obtained a waiver for his past mistake by presenting evidence that his wife would suffer extreme hardship upon his deportation. R&A won his case in immigration court, ensuring that he will not be removed from this country.

An R&A client, who has been in legal status in the U.S. since 1979, faced possible deportation due to his 1992 conviction for possession of cocaine. R&A presented compelling evidence in court and demonstrated that he should be permitted to remain in the U.S., because his conviction occurred nearly 15 years ago, and because since that time, he has proven to be a man of good moral character who supports a beautiful family, including his U.S. citizen wife and children. R&A won his case, and his family now rests assured that he will remain with them in this country.

Two foreign nationals, husband and wife, did not have legal status when they arrived at R&A seeking help. However, they had lived in the U.S. for almost twenty years, and they had two healthy U.S. citizen children as well as U.S. citizen parents. After their request to remain in the United States with their children and parents was original denied, R&A won their case on appeal, affording them a second chance. Their applications for cancellation of removal were subsequently granted by an immigration judge, and today they are green card holders. Their family is now secure in the knowledge that they will all be able to live together legally in the United States.

After his repeated political protests, an R&A client was forced to leave his family behind when he fled his home country fearing for his life. His request for political asylum was initially denied when the immigration judge found that his actions in protest were too forceful. R&A attorneys won his case before the Board of Immigration Appeals, which remanded the case back to the immigration court. R&A won his case again before an immigration judge, and he is now able to legally bring his son to the United States; they have been separated for more than ten years.

A United States citizen and Captain in the United States Army Reserve married a foreign national. Later, the Government charged his wife with being illegally present in the United States. R&A successfully defended her in immigration court, where an immigration judge found that her husband, soon to be deployed overseas to fight in the War on Terror, could not effectively serve his country while the U.S. government was simultaneously trying to deport his wife. After finding that her removal would cause her husband to suffer “exceptional and extremely unusual hardship,” the court legalized her status.

A foreign national, married to a U.S. citizen, was taken into custody by the Department of Homeland Security for a scheduled deportation. Acting immediately, R&A obtained an emergency stay of removal with the Board of Immigration Appeals and she was released from custody. R&A then sought to reopen her immigration case so that she could be afforded a chance to legalize her status through her U.S. citizen husband. R&A won her case and then ensured that she was deemed eligible to apply for a green card pursuant to the Ninth Circuit’s holding in Bona v. Gonzales. She is now a lawful permanent resident.

After waiting for years for his visa number to become current, an R&A client realized that his visa petition was legally invalid because he had since married and started a family. Desperate to come to the U.S., he told the U.S. consulate that he was single. His case was granted, and his family immigrated. Then, tragedy struck when his wife became terminally ill. Before she passed away, he promised her that he would raise their sons here in the U.S. so that they could have the best possible opportunities in life. When immigration authorities tried to remove him from the U.S., R&A successfully represented him in immigration court and won his case. Now, he finds comfort in knowing that he and his sons will remain in the U.S., and his promise to his beloved deceased wife will be fulfilled.

Reeves and Associates looks forward to the coming year and to the opportunities we will have to help better the lives of immigrants who strengthen our nation though their work ethic, cultural contributions, family values, and love for this country.