dreamstime_m_23471148The election returns are in.  Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States.  We know what he said his intentions were during the campaign but what he actually plans to do remains to be seen.  In the days and weeks ahead, we will watch and listen for indications of how he intends to govern.  We will also focus on who he selects as members of his cabinet for further clues as to what goals his administration will have.

In the meantime, what can those who might be most affected by his administration do?  Non-citizens should start by knowing their rights.  They should also determine whether they can benefit under existing immigration laws.  Talking to others in your same situation is not the best way to accomplish those goals.  The best thing to do is to consult knowledgeable and experienced immigration lawyers.  Ideally, the lawyer you speak to should be certified by the State Bar as a specialist in immigration & nationality law.

Right now is a time of unknowns and unknowns are always scary.  But knowledge is power and we at Reeves Miller Zhang & Diza stand ready to help you arm yourselves knowledge – about your rights and possibilities.  Let’s talk.