One who presently resides in the United States as a non-immigrant, and desires to travel outside the United States for any purpose, either work related or vacation must have U.S. visa.

For the last two decades Reeves & Associates has successfully assisted clients in obtaining United States visas at various consulate posts in Canada and Mexico. This process is known as Third Country National processing (“TCN”). TCN processing remains one of the most desirable avenues to get a U.S. visa because of the proximity, speed and the opportunity to have an attorney present at interview.

Alternatives to TCN processing, such as traveling to one’s home country to apply without an attorney present, may result in substantial delays and the possibility of not being able to get a visa to return. Chinese and Philippine consulates have experienced delays for up to three to four months. TCN processing can take as little as two days.

Since September 11 the Department of Homeland Security placed numerous restrictions on all visa applications, including TCN processing. These changes require careful review of each application to ensure against a denial of the visa. These limitations make it imperative to have an attorney present at the interview to avoid any complications.

To assist in an approval of TCN processing, Reeves and Associates oversees each step of the application including providing an experienced attorney to travel with each client across the boarder to the consulate posts and attend the interview to explain complex elements of a case and to clarify issues should they arise.

Written by Robert Reeves and Marc Generazio