USCIS Is Accepting DACA Applications

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has announced that they have resumed accepting applications for deferred action under DACA.  This is fantastic news for hundreds of thousands of young people throughout the United States.  The USCIS’ announcement was made on Saturday night in response to a recent federal court decision.

Unfortunately, not all undocumented immigrants are eligible to apply for DACA at this time.  First, you must meet the requirements of the program, such as entering the U.S. before your 16th birthday, possessing the required education, etc.  In addition, you must have been previously been a DACA beneficiary.  The USCIS specifically stated that they are not accepting requests from undocumented immigrants who have not previously been granted DACA.  In addition, the USCIS will not approve advance parole requests from DACA recipients.

The USCIS’ announcement that they will once again accept DACA applications will have an enormous impact on many people.  Yes, there is still uncertainly with the future of the program, and our immigration laws in general.  But for now, this is an opportunity to be granted deferred action under DACA for two years.  It is an opportunity to further your education, to stay with loved ones in this country, and to lawfully work for the employer of your choosing.

It is important to remember that changes to the DACA program can happen at anytime, including its elimination.  Contact an experienced attorney who specializes in immigration law to help you apply.  Remember, even the slightest mistake in your application or the failure to submit the necessary documents can lead to a denial of your application.  Do not miss out on this opportunity to be granted DACA!