Latest Immigration News

Here are some of the things that immigration lawyers and advocates are talking about today.

COVID Outbreak at ICE Detention Center: An ICE facility in Adelanto, CA is in the midst of a COVID-19 outbreak. The confirmed case count has more than doubled within the last few days. Six detainees have been hospitalized for COVID-19 treatment.

Shortage of Immigrants: America’s cities are facing a historic shortage of immigrants (and money). And despite what you have likely heard from the Trump administration, that is a bad thing for the economy. The restrictions on visas, especially those issued to highly skilled foreign workers, could slow the U.S. economic recovery from COVID-19.

Potential Debate Fireworks: It is no surprise that President Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden disagree on immigration policy. While the President wants a wall to keep immigrants out of the country, the presidential hopeful wants immigration reform that will benefit the U.S. as a whole. Will these differences lead to a fiery argument at the upcoming debate?

Latino Voters: Will Latino voters support Joe Biden? Or will they vote for President Trump despite everting he has said about people from Mexico and Central America? This is just one of countless questions that connects immigration with the upcoming election.

Fighting Deportation: Hundreds of thousands of immigrants across the U.S. could soon face deportation due to the Trump administration’s attempt to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Just for a minute think about the number of lives that will be affected by this decision, including U.S. citizen children who could be losing a parent.