Reversal of Embassy’s Decision

dreamstime_m_46448420The decisions of Consular Officers at U.S. Embassies are difficult to overcome.  Through hard work and dedication though, a visa is still possible with the assistance of the right attorney.

Reeves & Associates successfully reversed a visa denial at the U.S. Embassy.  Emelita Ocampo (real name withheld for privacy) retained Reeves & Associates (R&A) to represent her in immigrating to the United States through her U.S. citizen daughter, Louella.  In 2009, Louella filed immigrant visa petitions for both her parents. However, the US Embassy only granted a visa to her father. The visa for mother, Emelita, was denied by the U.S. Embassy.

During her interview at the Embassy for Emelita’s visa, she was accused of a prior misrepresentation. The Embassy told her to obtain a waiver. Emelita did not believe she made any misrepresentation to the US embassy. The facts are Emelita had a tourist visa which was cancelled in 1989 when she attempted to enter the United States.  Emelita was informed at the port of entry that she could not enter USA due to association with certain persons who were blacklisted by the Embassy. Her visa was cancelled and she was removed from the United States. Emelita tried to renew her tourist visa on two occasions but was denied.

Emelita retained Attorney Flomy Javier Diza, a partner at R&A’s San Francisco office to represent her for an immigrant visa at the U.S. Embassy in Manila. Attorney. Diza addressed the embassy’s concerns of inadmissibility by presenting substantial evidence that Emelita did not make any misrepresentation, and that she was eligible to immigrate to the United States.

In case the immigrant visa officers still believed she made a misrepresentation, Attorney. Diza presented an alternative relief, a comprehensive brief detailing the hardship that her husband would suffer if she is not permitted to immigrate to the United States.  After much discussion, the Embassy granted Emelita’s immigrant visa.  Through Reeves & Associates’ advocacy and just good lawyering, Emelita was reunited with her U.S. citizen daughters and her lawful permanent resident husband.

Emelita said, “Thank you, Attorney Diza and all staffs of R&A so much for winning our case. Once we had thought to be desperate case had finally come to an end. I have been in limbo since 1989 and with your persistent follow up and brilliant arguments, I can now be reunited with my family.  What a big relief, I am now a legal resident of the United States! Without your expertise and knowledge,  we don’t know what could had happen to our family. I will surely recommend you and your Firm to my relatives and friends”