We got green card

Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2011 6:45 PM
To: Office Administrator
Subject: We got green card

Dear Devin and Bonnie,

I just wanted to thank you both so much for all your hard work this passed year.

Devin, you are a great lawyer. I have and will recommend you to anyone who comes my way looking for a lawyer. My case was more then complicated, and I am sure that is what everybody thinks about their case. You were patient, focused and involved in my situation.

Today, I celebrate one of the happiest days in my life, on this day my wife was admitted back to the United States of America as a permanent resident, something that to others was impossible, Reeves & Associates made it very possible, and to this moment I’m very lucky to have hired them to represent me and my wife against all odds.

Thanks Devin, Thanks Bonnie, you have brought joy and happiness back into my life.

I suggest anybody who is looking for immigration lawyer to work with Devin no matter how complicated your case is, believe me you are in best hands out there in market!

Best Regards,




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