immigration attorney

Three Questions to Ask an Immigration Attorney

immigration attorney

In today’s America, the topic of immigration is at the forefront of the national psyche. Every day on the news, images of immigrants and stories about their efforts to enter the United States are broadcast. And today in the United States, it is estimated that about 43.3 million people who live here are actually foreign-born.

Immigration laws in the United States are extremely complex. The federal government has laws which determine situations such as who is allowed into the United States, how long that individual can stay, and who can become a citizen (this is known as the naturalization process).

Add to this intricate network of laws and rules other factors in the immigration processes–including steps such as citizenship requirements, green cards and rules about residency–and the entire process can be confusing, intimidating and overwhelming.

The best advice, and one of the most important first steps in the immigration process, is finding the best immigration attorney possible. But the question ‘how to find a good immigration attorney’ is not that easily answered. Here are three tips on what to look for in an immigration attorney.



Check Credentials
Make sure that you check out the immigration attorney you are considering. Look into their professional background and carefully examine their credentials. Be sure to look for an attorney who is licensed and in good standing.

Check Pricing
Another thing to make sure you check on is pricing: what are the attorney fees? Immigration law is complex, and you need to be sure of the terms of the rate you will be expected to pay. Ask if it is a one-time fee, for instance, or if you will be charged by the hour.

Check References
This is a highly important part of finding the best immigration lawyer: word of mouth. Talk to everyone, ask around everywhere and be sure you can trust the source of them information. Then, speak with the attorney and find out if you feel that you will be able to trust this immigration lawyer with your particular needs.

The immigration process in the United States is one which poses challenges to those pursuing this path. Yet, with the dream of eventually obtaining citizenship at risk, it is a path many are willing to follow. Many sacrifices may be involved, but finding the best immigration attorney will assist in making this dream come true.