What Do Immigration Lawyers Do?

With lawful immigrants accounting for three-quarters of the foreign-born U.S. population, immigration attorneys have had plenty of work to do. Immigration can be a complicated matter that often requires legal assistance in a variety of areas. These lawyers are well versed on immigration laws and can provide advice, assistance with paperwork, and even help defend someone facing possible deportation.

The most common reasons that someone would consult an immigration lawyer are to apply for citizenship, get help with a visa, or avoid deportation. These matters involve special processes and requirements that immigration lawyers are used to navigating. They can make sure clients are fully prepared for their situation and make the process easier on their families. Their job involves more mediation and conflict resolution than court appearances, although the latter is still an important part of the job.

Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer?

There are a variety of reasons why you would need an immigration lawyer. All immigration situations are different, and they can become even more complicated when marriage or children are involved. If you are in a situation that involves immigration law and are not sure what steps to take next, you probably need the help of an attorney. When in doubt, you can call a lawyer and explain your situation to find out if they feel legal assistance is necessary.

How Can You Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

Hiring immigration lawyers is just like hiring any kind of lawyer. You can start by searching for options near you and finding an attorney with experience and a good history. Once you’ve found a lawyer you like, you can set up a consultation with them. This will allow you to go over your situation with them, discuss fees, and find out if it’s worth making the investment before you move forward. Many lawyers offer free consultations, although not all do. If you’re concerned about consultation fees, call ahead and find out if you will be charged or not.

It can never hurt to reach out and ask some questions. Immigration lawyers are there to help you and even if you don’t end up needing one, it is often better to be safe than sorry. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a lawyer near you with any questions you may have.